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Reach Val Gardena quickly and easily by plane

from 16.02.23

Several flights to/from Bolzano from many airports in Europe

The pictures of the imposing Dolomites’ summits give us the impression of looking at a slice of heaven on earth – beautiful to admire but too far away for us to touch.
However, Val Gardena is much closer than you think.

Easy to reach

Val Gardena is only 115 km from Innsbruck, 191 km from Verona and approximately 300 km from Venice, Milan, and Bologna. There are numerous comfortable, fast trains which make it possible to reach Bolzano from Innsbruck in 2 hours, Bologna in only 2.5 hours, Florence in 3 hours, and Rome in 5 hours. You can also reach Val Gardena’s Dolomites in less than 3 hours by plane and local even when travelling from the rest of Europe’s capitals and big cities.

Out of all the most renowned destinations in the Alps, Val Gardena has the best and shortest transfer times throughout Europe.

Bolzano airport is now operational

From summer 2021, Bolzano Airport will once again be operating with its fleet of SkyAlps planes. The SkyAlps airline wants to provide a care-free, safe, and comfortable journey for those tourists who come from far away and, therefore, would normally experience difficult and long journey times to reach Val Gardena and South Tyrol. SkyAlps sees itself as an ambassador for the Alps, one of the most valuable habitats in the world. Bolzano airport is particularly interesting for travellers because of its extremely quick and streamlined check-in and departure procedures. However, it always focuses on quality, not on a quick turnaround.

From winter 2021/22, there will be daily flights to/from Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Londo Gatwick, Brussels, Rotterdam and Copenhagen.
To the "Flight Table Winter 2021/22".

Secret Dolomites in June 02.06 - 11.06.23
Bike Week September 09.09 - 16.09.23
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